Meet Adam Neunuebel

Adam Neunuebel joined the Adare team in March as a Director of Business Development, and he is helping us grow our presence on the west coast of the United States. Adam is just one of many amazing new hires at Adare

What brought you to Adare?

I developed a strong interest in private equity in business school and the methods they implement to increase company’s value through strategy and operations optimization. Adare has some tremendous assets, and the company is pivoting towards a market that derives higher value from these assets. It is exciting to be a part of this implementation.

What has most surprised you since you joined the Adare team?

The dedication to customer-centricity and the top-down approach management takes with customers. The entire company from top to bottom is invested and interested in the success of our partner’s programs and critical milestones.

What prior experience most prepared you for your current role with Adare?

I’ve spent most of my career supporting new chemical entities at various contract development manufacturing organizations. At my last position I was involved in the launch of the oral formulation offering. These experiences provided me with an appreciation of how critical skilled drug manufacturing is for pharmaceutical companies and the patients we serve. The success of a program is heavily reliant on solutions-based approaches and execution from an agile CDMO.

In your conversations with potential customers, what unique Adare solutions are most sought after?

Adare’s taste-masking technologies and extended/controlled release capabilities are widely sought after. There is also interest in our organization’s agility given the tight timelines for clinical programs.

What have you most enjoyed about working with the Adare team since you’ve onboarded?

The culture. There is a sense of shared purpose here. We are all clear on the direction the organization is heading and how our individual contributions contribute to the company’s success.

What are you most looking forward to learning in your role at Adare?

Addressing the industry’s current challenges. Adare is aggressively investing in expanding offerings and new technologies. This is a unique position to be in, we can respond to the market and calibrate our strategy as needed. Most other organizations defined their strategy years ago. The decisions and input we are providing today will have a lasting impact on Adare and the patients we serve for years to come.